Llona's 2003 John Muir Trail Gear List 

 Item  Description  Oz.  Rating  Addendum
 Backpack  GoLite Breeze  12.0    It is so pretty.
 Hammock  Hennessy Adventure Racer  19.0    Pretty also.
 Sleeping bag  North Face Windstorm 35 deg.  31.0    Not wind resistant
 Pad  1/4" Black dense foam    4.5    Not breathable
 Shorts/Pants  Zip-off nylon  12.5    Can ventilate without sunburn
 Shirt  Men's long sleeve silk    3.5     Cool as outerwear, warm as inner layer
 Undies  Coolmax    2.5    Non irritating
 Sportsbra  Coolmax    4.5    Perfect - for sleep also
 Socks  Coolmax    1.5    Prone to holes
 Shoes  Hi-Tek High Sierra ladies  38.0    The most supportive for my foot shape
 Sun Hat  Visor    2.5    Helps with high altitude glare
 Coat  GoLite men/s fiberfill  15.0     Warm  - has detachable hood
 Socks  Wool    4.5    
 Raingear  Rainshield jacket    5.2     Waterproof/breathable - snags easily - but works!
 Sleeping pants  Capilene Long Janes    7.3    
 Gloves  Capilene       For sleep also
 Bear repeller  Whistle/horn    2.5    Efective -  humans respond
 Snake bite  Extracter    1.4    Draws poison from stings or bites
 1st aid kit  Tylenol, Sewing. etc.   2.5    
 Toilet tissue    3.0    Beats pinecones!
 Headnet        .8    To save sanity - also doubles as stuff sack
 Thermometer      . 3    For bragging, and to scratch curiosity itch Meow!!
 Flashlight  White LED squeeze light      .3    Added headlamp at Mammoth Mountain
 Reading   Micro/Mini Bible - 2 vol.    1.5    Complete Bible weighs only 2 oz.!
 Night light

 White LED Mini lantern


Hung in hammock, visible yards away

 Water container  Platypus 1 liter      .9    Fits just about anywhere - flexable shape
 Filter  Gatekeeper cap style      .5    Smallest and lightest filter made! 20 qt. capacity
 Bowl  Plastic 20 oz. straw bowl    1.0    
 Spork  Snow Peak titanium      .3    
 Towell  1/3 Pak Towel      .5    
 Matches  Waterproof      .3    Sometimes would not light
 Walking pole  Leiki Pathfinder    4.5     Highly modified