Day Twentysix

We started this day with a pleasant, although cold, hike climbing gradually toward our last pass, Kaweah Gap. At the pass we smelled smoke and as we walked on we could see a lot of smoke below us - another forest fire! This was getting rediculous! Anyway, as we had seen no trail closure signs, and as we had little choice regardless, we continued down the trail. After a bit of hiking we came to Precipice Lake and soon after our first smoke filled view of Upper Hamilton Lake. A little later we arrived at a tunnel cut into the cliff which the trail passes through before dropping to Hamilton Lake. At the lake we rested and then walked on, soon after reaching lower Hamilton Lake, and then on to a wooden bridge before finally arriving at Bearpaw Meadow. Leaving Bearpaw, we hiked down to a bridge crossing Bucks Creek, and then on to our last camp at Mehrten Creek.


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