Day Twentythree

This morning our water bottles were completely frozen, so we had no water for a while until they melted! John also suffered a similar fate as he fell into Tyndall Creek while taking a video, but luckily the water was so cold that it froze on contact so he did not get wet! After a short hike we arrived at Wallace Creek where we had a late breakfast. As it was beginning to feel like winter and I was tired of this hike anyway, we decided to terminate the Muir Trail hike and go out via the Kern Canyon, so we started down Wallace Creek, now following the High Sierra Trail. As we headed down the trail we started getting interesting views of the Kern Canyon and soon arrived at the Kern Canyon Trail itself. Here we turned left onto the trail and headed on to Junction Meadow where we split up, John having to get back to his work deciding to take a quicker route out than Llona and I. John determined to leave immediately and camp at the Kern Hot Springs, and then climb over Franklin Pass and into Mineral King the next day; while Llona and I decided to take a more leisurely route and follow the High Sierra Trail out. We said our goodbyes, then relaxed a bit before setting up our hammocks, eating a small meal and then retiring for the night.


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