Day Twentytwo

Continuing up Bubbs Creek we found that during our absence fall had arrived! Many of the lower altitude trees were now sporting bright foliage, and there was a different feel in the air. Upon reaching the Muir Trail we began a pleasant hike along the side of upper Bubbs Creek on a gradual climb toward Forester Pass. Soon the trail became more steep but overall, this climb was one of the easier ones on the Muir Trail, even though the pass is the highest of all. Reaching Forester Pass, we sat and enjoyed the view for a short while before dropping down the switchbacks on the other side. Leaving the pass we soon met a trail that leads to Lake South America and the upper reaches of the Kern River - a very beautiful area I would like to visit again. Leaving this trail we hiked onward, eventually reaching our campsite at Tyndall Creek.


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