Day Nineteen

Leaving Rae Lakes we immediately began a steep climb on our way to Glen Pass, a very rocky route most of the way. On the way and at the pass the views are far reaching, and if you appreciate above timberline scenery, awe inspiring. Leaving the pass we dropped steeply and then hiked high above Charlotte Lake before again dropping, this time very steeply, to Vidette Meadows and the Bubbs Creek trail. All the way from Glen Pass we had been noticing smoke in the distance ahead of us, and here we found out that there was a forest fire on the other side of Forester Pass. As we would be passing through this area, this made us a bit unsure of what to do. We continued on a short distance to a campsite where we discussed our options. Upon sober reflection we decided that we would exit at Bubbs Creek and return after the fire was out. Backtracking a short ways, we turned onto the Bubbs Creek trail and headed down to a campsite four miles from Roads End.


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