Day Seven

Early in the morning, we continued the climb to Silver Pass. Soon we arrived at Squaw Lake for an early lunch, after which we met several hikers - one of them having an injured knee - near the Goodale Pass trail junction. Shortly after, we arrived at Silver Pass where John took photos of all of us. After a short rest, we began a rather steep descent, soon passing Silver Pass lake before arriving at Pocket Meadow and - still dropping - finally arrived at the trail to Lake Edison. Here we turned off toward Edison and our food drop at Vermillion Valley Resort. A couple miles from that junction, we arrived at the boat taxi landing, unfortunatly missing it by fifteen minutes! But every cloud has a silver lining! We camped near a group who were so kind as to give us a very large, absolutely delicious, much craved, and much appreciated semi-sweet chocolate bar!! Unfortunately we didn't get your names, but whoever you were, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


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