Day Three

In the morning we cleaned up the mess made by the bears and began walking onwards to Agnew Meadow. At Agnew Meadow we took the shuttle bus over to Reds Meadow where we relaxed, ate at the cafe, and rented a room for the night while we discussed what was to be done. We knew that we needed to get more food, and also the weather was getting much colder, so we decided to visit Mammoth Lakes to replenish supplies and add warm gear. In the morning we rode the free shuttle to Mammoth Mountain and took a local bus on to Mammoth Lakes where we found a motel room. After settling in, we started shopping for gear and food - finding some great backpacking shops where we spent way too much money! To the gear we already carried we added: an Integral Designs liner bag, three LED headlamps, a Z Rest, a rain cap, a sun cap, a backpack rain cover, freeze dried food, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree!


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