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Welcome to The Go-Liters' John Muir Trail Adventure Page!

We're glad you came. This page records the trips that Dennis, Llona, and John Rowell took in July 2000 and in August 2001 on the John Muir Trail route. John successfully completed the entire John Muir Trail carrying between 10 to 20 pounds total for the duration! Although photos from the 2001 trip are not here, we did make a video that may be available eventually to those who are interested. We call ourselves the "Go-Liters" because we carry the lightest loads possible. Also, we use ultralight backpacks made by Go-Lite and GVP Gear. Enjoy our report on the 2000 trip!

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July 2000 trip:

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    The Go-Liters atop Mather Pass, elev. 12,100 feet